Luxurious suites in
the center of Tinos!

Tinos Resort consists of six suites that can accommodate up to five guests. The special
decoration with the beautiful works of art create a unique result!


Unique beauty that will
surprise you!

Tinos may be famous for the church of Evangelistria and its religious character, but it has a lot more to offer. It is its natural beauty, the wonderful beaches with the clear blue waters and the imposing sights that one can admire.


An earthy paradise welcomes you
to the village of Agapi!

Explore the photos of the villa and get to know better its unique facilities and
services. It is suitable for four guests and equipped with all amenities.

Tinos Resort

We share with you our latest obsession: Eliminating differences between home and hotel and keeping the best
elements from each, to create a new kind of Cycladic residence!