On the island, you can admire imposing sights that will excite all lovers of history and culture! At Tinos Resort we will be happy to make suggestions for all the places you must visit in Tinos.

Temple of Poseidon
and Amfitriti

The establishment and expansion of Temple of Poseidon and Amfitriti dates from the period of domination of the Macedonians in the Cyclades (4th century BC). The sanctuary gaining nationwide fame and culminating in the 3rd century was a magnet for pilgrims, even beyond the boundaries of Greece, such as southern Italy, Asia Minor and Africa.

Museum of Icons and
Religious Relics

Museum of Icons and Religious Relics: its exhibition of icons includes icons (mostly 17th century. – 19th c.) from churches of Tinos and other areas. The oldest Icons of the exhibition are those of “Panagia Perivleptos” (14th c.) and “Panagia Galaktoforousa” (15th c.) while of special interest are the icons that were painted by F.Kontoglou and N. Lytras.