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Discover the hiking paths of Tinos

Crisscrossing the entire island, Tinos’ extensive network of hiking trails is the ideal way to explore a landscape that exudes authenticity.

It takes no time at all to be captivated by the beautiful island of Tinos and its many cultural and historical highlights, which is why hiking is the best way to discover it.

Lucky us, therefore, that there is an incredible network of walking paths on Tinos, originally used by residents to link otherwise unconnected settlements across the island.

Of the 300km of path crisscrossing Tinos, about 150km have been marked out. Some go in a loop and others follow the coast, taking you past dams, archaeological sites, monasteries, folk museums, a Venetian castle, dozens of dovecotes and even spherical boulders whose origin remain a mystery.

You could spend a week on Tinos and choose a different hiking route each day.

Source: discovergreece.com